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The Center’s research team focuses on investigating the root causes of violations through detailed data collection, analysis, and policy development. The Center then shares its findings with governments, civil society organizations, academics, donor governments, and UN agencies to help address human rights problems more effectively.


In January 2000, the Human Rights Center launched the Communities in Crisis Project, an interdisciplinary, multi-institutional research initiative to examine the relationship between the pursuit of international justice and local approaches to social reconstruction in the aftermath of war and genocide. Working in collaboration with scholars and activists in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia, the project is establishing research networks across a variety of fields (development, finance, human rights) and academic disciplines (law, public health, education, psychology, anthropology) to examine how the work of the ad hoc International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda effects the local processes of social reconstruction and how survivors of mass violence perceive, interpret, and relate to the work of the ad hoc tribunals.



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Reconstruction in Post-Conflict Societies

Reconstruction in Post-Conflict Societies

Justice, Reconciliation, and Reconstruction in Post-Conflict Societies The field of justice, reconciliation, and reconstruction in post-conflict societies is a vital and dynamic one, with significant


We are a research and advocacy center, committed to the promotion and protection of human rights as central to a just society.

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