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Health & Human Rights

Ukrainian mother with her son. Patriots of Ukraine. Refugees from Ukraine. War against Ukraine.

preventing Refugees from lack of health care

We provide human rights research and projects to help refugees in need of health care.


Public health and human rights are complementary–and occasionally conflicting–approaches to promoting and protecting human dignity and well-being. Because of their training, health practitioners are well placed in society to promote human rights. Health care providers also have a duty to respect international standards of human rights and humanitarian law. We have explored these linkages through our work with refugee populations in the United States; in a needs assessment of the mental health programs in Albania; and in our studies of the role justice is playing in the aftermath of genocide and war in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia.


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Social Rights in Times of Pandemic

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We are a research and advocacy center, committed to the promotion and protection of human rights as central to a just society.

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