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Asylum Programs

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Asylum Programs

Asylum Programs and the Board of Immigration Appeals:

To qualify for asylum, you must have experienced persecution. This could be due to a crime, religion, nationality, social group, or political opinion. However, this is not enough to qualify. The victim must be targeted specifically because of his or her race, religion, nationality, social group membership, or political opinion. This does not apply to neighbor harassment, which is not persecution.

The decision to grant asylum is based on a number of factors. The asylum officer must determine whether the applicant has a significant risk of harm to themselves or to their spouse or child. They must also determine whether there is an independent basis for protection under the Convention Against Torture. The asylum officer may require applicants to register their identity and present witnesses and counsel if necessary.

Asylum is a legal status that allows individuals to seek protection in a foreign country. If you want to seek this status, you should first consult with a licensed attorney. You should understand that there are time limits that apply to your application. Therefore, it is best to start preparing for your application as early as possible. In order to prepare for your asylum application, you should gather as much evidence as possible.

Once the asylum officer has determined that the applicant has a credible or reasonable fear, they must then conduct an asylum interview. If the interview is positive, the applicant will then be referred to immigration court or USCIS for an asylum merits interview. This interview should occur within 21-45 days of the credible fear interview.

Immigrants who wish to appeal their case can submit supporting documents. It is important to file a notice of appeal with the BIA within 30 days. However, filing an appeal at a federal court does not stop the removal proceedings. It is possible to win at the BIA, but your odds are lower than if you were to appeal to a higher court. It is always better to contact an attorney before filing your appeal.


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